Company Stores

Company Stores

What’s better than giving a quote to a client?

How about giving them a personalized store that acts as a quote and
also allows them to purchase the products in question, in addition to allowing them to reorder the products at any given time.

And it’s easy to create and manage to boot.

Yeah, that would be better than a piece of paper.

We here at have developed such a solution.

Here’s just some of the features we can offer:

  • Designed for use with established customer
  • Best suited for reorders and reorders with changes
  • Displays client’s colors and logo
  • Displays a product offering agreed to by client
  • Displays quantities and prices agreed to by client
  • Displays unlimited number of products
  • Allows for unlimited number of users
  • Custom shopping cart processes print, promo and apparel orders differently
  • All products are categorized in departments when applicable
  • Allows client to establish passwords and usernames for all users “closed front door”
  • Allows client to track buying habits of all users
  • Allows client to set spending limits
  • Allows purchasing manager to approve, edit or deny all orders before transmitted to distributor’s office
  • Allows for multiple billing and shipping points
  • Allows client to determine which buyers have access to which products
  • Enables clients to personalize printed items on line
  • Provides online proofing for variable imaged products
  • Provides complete set of reports to buyer
  • Can provide logo mall searching function if desired by client
  • Generates and sends an email order confirmation to client on each order placed
  • Includes a distributor admin site for adjusting price, images, prices, etc.

Since they are custom-tailored, there’s so much more we can do, it really is whatever the client wants.

Getting started is easy!

Simply download and fill out the forms on the right. You can fax them to us at (888) 836-5009.