My Account Manager (MyAM) is web based system designed to tackle basic CRM solutions as well as to electronically perform many of the administrative functions required to operate a print and promotional products distributorship.  The system includes a daily synchronization feature which draws Customer and Order data from Safeguard Business Systems, Inc’s proprietary order entry system.  Some of the systems most basic features include:

  • Individual and shared calendar
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Task list
  • Client/prospect/referral source activity records
  • Client order history
  • Current a/r status
  • Invoice reprints
  • Emailing functions (Coming Soon)
  • Custom sales/activity/customer reports
  • Google mapping (Coming Soon)
  • Customer survey templates (Coming Soon)
  • Email flyer library (Coming Soon)
  • Letter library (Coming Soon)
  • Mail merge functionality (Coming Soon)
  • Distributorship document library
  • Customer quotation generator (Coming Soon)
  • Sales order templates (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase order generation and tracking

Practical application:

MyAM performs functions in two distinctly different areas;

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – System records, tracks and reports on all customer / prospect / contact activities.  It provides a calendar to track appointments and follow ups as well as a task list to keep track of everything on the “to do” list.
  2. Administrative functions – MyAM includes  a Quotation / Proposal module which allows authorized individuals to generate quotations / proposals, save them, track them, report on them and convert them to sales orders.  Sales orders can be created from previously prepared quotations or entered as a standalone function.  Sales orders are electronically submitted to customer service for processing; their progress through the system can then be monitored.  Sales orders can be converted to Purchase orders (brokerage, Prom and BODP orders only).  Purchase orders can be created from a previously generated Sales Order or can be created “from scratch”.  Purchase Orders are sent to vendors and saved in the PO database.  They are then tracked throughout the order process, this tracking includes monitoring the status of the PO/order which changes from Unacknowledged to In Process to Shipped and finally to Billed.