The Exchange 2012

As we prepare for the exchange, we’re pushing a lot of updates to our platforms.  Our biggest update comes in the form of a complete overhaul of the Distributor websites.

We’ve completely rewritten the entire structure to be more secure, easier to manage, way easier to update and all-in-all, just way more feature-filled.  It’s also prettier to boot!

We’ll post a list of all the changes shortly, but here’s just a few of the upcoming changes:

  • Connected to ASI database through a faster connection
  • Full-Color Print Database
  • Tax Forms Database
  • Ink & Toner Database
  • Partnered with Zoom Catalogs to provide over 100+ digital catalogs
  • Holiday Card Database
  • Checks and Supplies Database
  • You can now create custom products
  • You can create basic, 1-page company stores now
  • You can create Custom Pages with whatever HTML content you want
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Mobile Device Compatible

That’s just a small list of the features that we’re adding.  Check back later for more as this develops!